Metric-Imperial Converter Tests Pass Automatically and Incorrectly!

I just decided to start the Metric-Imperial Converter project this morning. I used the Glitch link to get a boilerplate project set up to begin.

All I have done so far:
I waited for the packages to install.
I required helmet in my server.js.
I added helmet as middleware (i.e., app.use(helmet()))…
Then, I commented out both of those two lines and decided to just run the tests and see if anything at all would pass at the very start.

Every test passed.

I haven’t even begun to work on the project.

The FCC page has 13 test cases - the last two of these refer to 21 more tests using chai in the code.

Has anyone else experienced this recently? I see there was an old bug from last October about the tests getting a 403 response, but what I see now is very different, with every test getting a pass when there is no way the boilerplate project should already be complete.

Can we please have the FCC page’s test cases fixed so that they are actually evaluating the app? I would really like to know what is working and not working along the way while developing.

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Challenge: Metric-Imperial Converter

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Unfortunately the tests don’t work. I also tried yesterday but all the tests passed. I was made to understand they will verify your solution if you decide to claim a certificate. As of now you can’t verify whether you have done the right thing. Check this thread

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Thank you for pointing me to that thread. Strange that I didn’t see it in my search results before I created the topic; I didn’t mean to post something redundant.

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