Metric-Imperial Converter

i can not pass this two tests with the same code i have passed using locally:-

// running tests
If the number is invalid, returned will be 'invalid number'.
If both the unit and number are invalid, returned will be 'invalid number and unit'.
// tests completed

i have checked what gets tested against my project and works fine.
the console on FCC testing site shows this error and seems like not from my code:-

frame-runner.ts:132 Error: Unspecified AssertionError
    at eval (eval at <anonymous> (frame-runner.ts:118:35), <anonymous>:11:11)
_callee$ @ frame-runner.ts:132

here is the link:-

no no sir,it is correct look the screenshoots closely.may be glitch is change the format before sending the request?also besure to preview it on new tab/window.

but but sir if you have time go to the link i provide above to glitch and run the tests using npm run test in the terminal and preview the output on new window/tab and input the will see it works fine.i think some how glitch is removing one forwardslash(/) from the route?

i do not know how to explain it sir but it passes all the user stories correclty.first i have checked it locally and submitted to FCC it all pass the tests but the submitted url must be live/online so,i try to use replit but it is very disgusting due to test timed out problems,so i reverse to glitch and this problem arise.and if you please try input the values on the form after previewing it on new tab/window you will get the expected values returned.
like i said this problem must arise due to glitch removing the / in the route or FCC?why because i implemented all the user stories correctly any one can check from either by analyzing my code or running and input the values.thanks a lot :pray:

The Replit timeout issue should really only be with the zombie tests in the QA challenge. It should work fine for most of the challenges. I would suggest you try it on Replit to at least test if this is an issue with Glitch or not.

replit is a total waste of time and is very annoying and has make FCC less interactive to learn says test timed out almost 90% of the time while learning from basic node and express up to now not only for me but also for others.

ya it is always the same like this,but i will try it every day until it works and until i find some other way.
i ask my self how did other members pass all this and get the certificate?well it must be they did not get this kind of issue on their time.what a good time.

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