Mikro orm (v5) typescript issue


I have an entity that looks like this :

export class Post {
  @Field(() => ID)
  id!: number;

  @Field(() => String)
  @Property({ type: 'date' })
  createdAt = new Date();

  @Field(() => String)
  @Property({ type: 'date', onUpdate: () => new Date() })
  updatedAt = new Date();

  @Field(() => String)
  title!: string;

And a resolver that looks like this :

export class PostResolver {
  @Query(() => [Post])
  async posts(@Ctx() { em }: MyContext): Promise<Post[]> {
    return em.find(Post, {});

Unfortunately i keep getting this error

Argument of type '{}' is not assignable to parameter of type 'FilterQuery<Post>'.
 Type '{}' is not assignable to type 'number'.

return em.find(Post, {});

and i can’t seem to figure out what im doing wrong because i followed the documentation. I have made the necessary configurations and seeded data to my db. Any advise/recommendations on what i am doing wrong will be appreciated. Thnak you