Mismatch webpage display between home hosting server

This one has me stumped!

I have designed a webpage and it displays on my Firefox browser exactly the way I what it to perform however when loaded to the hosting server it performs differently.

As displayed on Home Screen(left)

It is a single page website.

I have checked and then re-loaded all the support files (for example CSS and JS) that are displayed from my directory to make sure they are up to date and uploaded on the server.

I have compared the webpage code for my home version, line by line, with the page on the browser and confined no mismatch.

First time in 20 years – any suggestions?

The website is [MyHomeSpace.online]

The question is a bit unclear. Do you mind giving us a little more detail on what you’re expecting and how the result is different from those expectations?

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to respond.

I cannot find a reason why the display I see on my browser from the files on my computer do not produce the same display when I upload to the server of my hosting provider, given that I have checked, to the best of my ability, the only areas in which I could see that the problem could occur, namely that the files that are producing the required result on my browser from my computer are not the same in content as the files that are on the server

I have checked everything I can think of and cannot find an explanation

My expectation is that someone may know something that I don’t know or have overlooked as to why this is the case.


I can now advise that I have a solution.

However I still don’t know wherein lies the problem. However between the time I made the initial post and now somehow, somewhere, within the hosting service set up, this problem has resolved itself.

Apparently, there must be a time lag in the system somewhere where the webpages do not instantly reflect the coding in the files that have been uploaded.

I do know it cannot be in the cache of my browser because I constantly clear it. This problem must be another cache somewhere within the server system of the Web hosting provider that is responsible for this glitch.

Anyrate, thank again for the time you provided in responding to my query. I hope however this posting may be useful to other people who experience this same phenomenon