Mistake in submission of url of my project

i mistakenly submit the url 0f my tribute page to survey form what can i do to revert it?

Just submit again. It will take the latest submission.

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Thanks . However i have resubmitted it again it is still showing the solution to my tribute page as solution to my survey form in my public portfolio.

Can you put a link to your public portfolio. Sometimes it takes some time for updates to be reflected. Since when did you make the re-submission?

i made it 12 hours ago.

link to my public portfolio https://www.freecodecamp.org/makinwa

Have you tried claiming the certificate?

no, ive not finished all my projects. i had a problem with my computer which made me clicked and pasted wrong url on projects I’ve not done. I’ve completed just two projects: tribute page and survey form, however everything is showing tribute oage as solution to all.

Just be patient a bit. I believe it will reset itself. Work on the other projects and submit the correct URL. If it doesn’t then you can get in touch with FCC