Mobile view in Chrome - auto resizing text smaller and larger?!

Hi all,

I can’t figure out why when I put my very basic portfolio into dev tools mobile view in chrome (attempting to do mobile first dev) and then resize the viewport window narrower, the top h1 (my name) gets smaller, yet the h2 below the image and the text below that grows?! In normal desktop view the fonts stay the same size.

I’ve looked and played around with the css for ages and can’t work it out.

Tried adding font size in ems like in h1? They are used for that. Example:
h2 { font-size: 1em; }

Hi, font sizes are in ems.

Update: I have spoken to several people who work in web dev, they said this is likely a quirk of Chrome.

I have noticed that it does not happen in Firefox.

Case closed.

Glad you solved it. Chrome has problems but it’s still a great browser.