Mongo db version not supported

Hello everyone,
I am trying to setup freecodecamp repository locally i have Ubuntu 22.04 installed on my desktop. I was going through the how to setup page of freeCodeCamp and i saw one of the prerequisites of installation is mongo db community server 5.0x and upon checking the mongodb page for installation for 5.0 version it has support for only older versions of linux named bionic(ubuntu 18) and focal(ubuntu 20). and when i try to install mongodb 5.0 version on my desktop i get this

can anybody tell me what to do now??

Welcome there,

If you do not want to set up mongodb locally, you can use our upcoming setup:

freeCodeCamp/api/tools$ docker compose up -d
freeCodeCamp$ pnpm run seed

NOTE: You need to have docker installed and setup.

Otherwise, I would not worry about installing an older version - just install v7

Hope this helps

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Okay thanks for the advice