Mongodb and Mongoose set timeout

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Hello for like 5h i try to passed this exercice !
it’s connected to my Mongoose Atlas soo i don’t understand why he don’t work

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const mongoose = require('mongoose');

mongoose.connect(process.env.MONGO_URI, { useNewUrlParser: true });

const { Schema } = mongoose;

const personSchema = new Schema({
  name: String,
  age: Number,
  favoriteFoods: [String],

const Person = mongoose.model('Person', personSchema);

const createAndSavePerson = (done) => {
  const phillip = new Person({
    name: 'Phillip',
    age: 26,
    favoriteFoods: ['Spaghetti Bolognese', 'Fettuccine Alfredo', 'Beef Stroganoff'],
  });, data) => {
    if (err) return done(err);
    return done(null, data);

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I found the error !

it’s because i was not connected to MongoAtlas so you need to make this :
-> go on MongoAtlas and Network Access
-> in Action click on Edit
-> enter
-> reload glitch and test it !