Monthly support with paypal only

Hi there,
I would love to contribute $5 monthly using my PayPal balance only. However, this is not possible as I’m being asked to input card details. Can you make it possible for users who want to use PayPal to do so without registering card details?

you can contribute through paypal:

the last button is PayPal

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this is what I’m getting. I have not linked my paypal account to any card, but if it has a balance why can’t I just use it?

I believe that’s a requirement on PayPal’s end, not FCC’s. PayPal wants a debit card for the “recurring” purchase.

that’s a paypal thing, not related to freecodecamp
it may be that you can’t have recurring payments without a linked card

you may be able to still do a one-time donation if that’s what you want to do

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Aaaha, that could be it. maybe i’ll just to make a one time donation. Thanks all.

Thanks for helping support freeCodeCamp!