More than 1 stylesheet at a time

I am doing the personal portfolio challenge and I would like to use google fonts and bootstrap glyphicons… how do I do this?? I have tried researching it for over an hour but no joy

When I add the additional stylesheet in htlm I am losing the first stylesheet for the font. My understanding is that it is the last one that takes precedence but how do I

What do you mean by “losing the first stylesheet for the font”? The trick is to make sure that your custom stylesheet is the last one loaded so your styles don’t get overridden.

thanks for the reply… I was wanting to use google fonts and bootstrap stylesheets but was having issue with the font styling being overridden by bootstrap, now I have managed to fix this by being more specific with the classes :slight_smile:

I feel like I have a long way to go still given I was stuck on this for a couple of hours already.