Muhammad Ali tribute!

Please review my tribute page before I submit it.

Here is the link:

Feel free to point out the following:

  1. Code that may be redundant/can be simplified and achieve the same result.
  2. Styling ideas that would be fitting for the page(feel free to include the syntax for such code).

All comments are welcome. Any suggestions would be great to help me experiment with it even after I hand it in to FCC.

Thank you in advance.

You’ve got all the content you need for a Tribute page, but it isn’t responsive at all. I’d work on that next.

Thanks for the reply. Please elaborate on what you mean by responsive. I followed the example given in the project description.

You may want to review the Bootstrap section. Not responsive as in not responding to the size of different devices like tablets and cell phones. You need more Bootstrap code in there like rows and columns. It seems like a lot of your CSS and inline code will override Bootstrap columns and rows. Just now when I played around with it I couldn’t get rows and columns to work. When I deleted your CSS and inline code, it did work. So you’ll need quite a few adjustments. If you need a couple of free video Bootstrap Video Course recommendations, let me know. I’m currently going through them myself and they are helpful.

hey, thanks for getting back to me. I would appreciate the bootstrap video course recommendations.

Hey man. I reviewed it and you were right. I now understand bootstrap better than before. Thank you so much. If it weren’t for you I would have moved on to the next challenge prematurely. I have made the necessary changes. Please review it now and tell me if anything else is missing.

Hi ed!

I didn’t see your message response earlier. Wow! Huge improvement on the Bootstrap side of things. Great work, and good for you for finding your own tutorials to help you. The specific video I was going to share is this: Bootstrap 3 - Code a Responsive Website

I really like Hussey’s tutorials. He’s also on Udemy. He comes from a Design/Developer perspective. He knows equal amounts of both. He also has a free Bootstrap 4 course on YouTube, too. But I’ve read that we should start with learning and mastering 3, first.

I would just say now you should find a way to resize the Ali photo (it’s wayyy too big!) and also the YouTube embedment needs resizing, too.