Multi dimensional array

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Could not figure it out what wrong am I doing

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var myList = ["coffee", 3; "tea", 4; "milk", 5; "suger", 6; "spoon",7]; console.log(myList) 

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Challenge: Shopping List

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Hi there @babu1

To my opinion, no semicolons ; are allowed inside array…

Yes I tried that way to by elemeniting semicolons but coming up the followings:

The first elements in each of your sub-arrays should all be strings.

The second elements in each of your sub-arrays should all be numbers.

You should have at least 5 items in your list.

var myList = [“coffee”, 3 “tea”, 4 “milk”, 5 “suger”, 6 “spoon”,7]; console.log(myList)

Re-read the instructions carefully. You need to create multi dimensional arrays…

In fact, there is no example of multi dimensional. Could you please show me one

Multi dimensional array it is nesting one array in another. You have a lesson like that in Javascript basic.

Yes, thank you. The point is nesting; I got it. The brackets followed by coma. Solved it; thanks again

Please select the mail that helped you as a “solution”, to credit the person that helped you to get to solution.

Thank you.

Ok i’ll do if I find it since you the only one I was talking to. Thanks