My animated Map project (not meteorites but Hillary): opinions?

Hi everyone:

I undestand that the project is guidance and not compulsory for a meteorite strike project as base.

I used some transformed data from a dataset about Hillary Clinton’s emails that I found in kaggle.

Here is somewhat the final product:


Lock her up!

But anyway, I don’t see any data - all the countries are just green no animation or anything else.

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Hey, it works fine for me. Nice job, like the subject :slight_smile:

interesting… it shouldn’t… I think it is because the JS used is not optimised enough for all the browsers? I am using still d3.js v3.x but adding a control, also in d3.

its working now, very cool! Too bad our FBI can’t figure something like this out :wink:

Hahaha! yes I think I am going to contact them (FBI)…