My Build a Tribute Page - To Siddhartha Gautama

Looking forward to any and all feedback. Went a “little” overboard here, but wanted to learn Materialize CSS.


Pretty impressive for a tribute! Not much I can say but well done. Hover effects are nice, cards are nice, fonts and colors are consistent. You obviously have some previous experience, so I’ll look forward to seeing your future projects!

Looks really nice. There sure are a lot of frameworks out there. I had bookmarked and hadn’t heard of Materialize. Now I’m seeing there’s a whole bunch of material frameworks out there.

I just finished my tribute page, but when i see yours… you did hell of a better job.
i was content to just fullfill the requirements, but you did go beyond, nice job.

I like the line/icons between the columns.

Great work. are you used any templates for HTML. Please post some information to build this kind timeline application.

Beautiful piece of work. Hands down the best tribute page I’ve seen.

If you go to the footer, there are several links which point to the material I used to help build this. Yes, I’ve been doing this on and off for several years, though never more than hobby level. I’m also doing FCC out of order and have been bouncing around for a while. While the timeline CSS markup is not super complicated, there is quite a bit going on for any newcomers. It took significant time for me to wrap my head around how to implement the timeline CSS and quotes, etc…

Very nice work. Nothing wrong with exploring a new CSS framework. But I like the card effects and use of Psuedo-Elements for the dividers. I managed to find you on so I could give you a like on this work. I hope I can pull off something as nice. Working on mine.

Thank you @KerryRuddock