Tribute page for Martin Luther King

Good day my fellow campers I completed the tribute page for Martin Luther King Jr. a while ago :smile: feedback would be good to improve my front end development, pay no attention to the color :expressionless:

Nice project,
I like how you did the timeline.

Thanks I was planning to use bootstrap rows and columns for the timeline, I might update it again to make it neat.

Great choice of a person :smiley:

You should try to attach the dates and the text in a DIV or something, then use bootstrap to make it take up 12 columns and stack the DIV’s

iPad (768 x 1024)

The Net Ninja made a good series on bootstrap 4. It’s a little out of date, but the basic of bootstrap that I use are there. I started you from tutorial #4 (skipped some installation and stuff)

I didn’t watch the full series, and it’s not a entire connected series either. Each video teaches about one thing you can do with bootstrap (blocks, margins, etc) so you can start from really any video. There also quick, and can save you a lot of time w/ getting to the point quickly.

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the layout is amazing and all the info is correct

My 2 cents: for me the timeline looks a bit cramped and therefore a bit hard to read, coz dates and text are not exactly aligned (but I understand that’s just personal preference). Another thing I see is there are a lot of links in the text, but you didn’t add “_blank” to any of those, so they don’t open. Finally, the quote doesn’t show up as one, although code looks good so I really don’t know what’s the issue. Maybe look into that?
Otherwise, it’s a great project.

Thanks for the feedback guys I’ll work on the suggestions ASAP.:ok_hand:

Very true I was kind of in a hurry so a generated a table.2 cents are welcome :ok_hand:

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