First FCC Project - Tribute Page

In which I discover I’m allergic to colors. I would have liked to have used more bootstrap, since I think it was expected, but I didn’t want the years to collapse on top of the events in the timeline (kind of like an ordered list) so tables it is.

Also the layout does some strange things between 900px and 1140px resolution, so I did another version with even less bootstrap :expressionless:

Any feedback is appreciated. If anyone knows of a better way to make images responsive, but also have text wrap while using the bootstrap grid, I’m all ears.

This is very good. Very responsive, clean code, and looks professional. I would only suggest you rename the ids “target1”, “target2” to something more descriptive/meaningful.

Because the CSS grid is out, I would recommend you learn how to do layout with that as well.

Thanks for the suggestion, @elisecode247! I will definitely do that.

I also thought CSS grid would be better, especially since, as I got into it, it seemed like the bootstrap grid wasn’t going to do what I was envisioning. (It’d have probably been easier to just change what I was picturing in my mind to better suit bootstrap but, ah well, I’m stubborn.)

I kept with bootstrap because it was in the lesson, so I thought the “graders” (if any) would want to see it in use. I’m still very new to fCC, so I don’t know how they go about checking these project requirements, etc.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to look at it!

Enjoyed it! I love Katherine Johnson, and have been reading “Hidden Figures”, so your tribute page was a real pleasure. But I was unable to get the “Wikipedia page” button to work. You used the target="_blank" which is the only way I know how to do it, so I don’t know how to solve the issue.

edit>>> aha! I was using Firefox and not Chrome. For some reason Codepen has Firefox issues sometimes. I switched, and your button works fine.

You can use whatever libraries/frameworks you want for the front end projects. If you choose to not use any libraries, that’s okay too. Bootstrap was used because it makes creating a responsive layout easier. If you’re able to create a responsivee layout without bootstrap, that’s even more challenging.

Good to know. Thanks for clearing that up.