A tribute page - Project feedback

Hi guys, this is my 5th day since joined Free Code Camp, after finishing 118 challenges I have completed the tribute page for Steve Jobs https://codepen.io/akampoori/full/VPKqVY/
it could be done better but i only make it simple and within the challenges scope that I learned and made some researched on bootstrap frame work and learned a lot from w3School website. any feedback much appreciated. looking forward to build portfolio page.
Thank you

Well done, it’s neat and the code is efficient ! Do you have any specific questions ?

Hi thank you for a quick feedback, i just wonder that do i have notice that many coders have used col-md-offset-1 for example do i need to use this for the project. I tried it but there is no effect. I couldn’t follow. also I use li for the list. is it possible to style it in away so you can have two columns one for year and one for description. it could be done using table, but any other efficient way to do it? thank you for your time.

I think that tables are meant to display data.

To understand col-offset I did this quick pen here.

Do you need it for this project? Not necessarily, it’s about the layout you want.

About your li: it’s not so much about style as it is about layout (you could have your dates in one column, your description in another).

Understanding Bootstrap grid is good, but I’m sure that soon you’ll want to have a look at Flexbox - it’s easier to center content, etc. A good tutorial (in my opinion) is the Net Ninja’s and also Wes Bos’s.

the Net Ninja also has a playlist on Bootstrap !

I am sincerely appreciate for your advice and guidance. I will have a look at theses website. Thank you so much again for express feed back. Have good day buddy.