Tribute Project Feedback - Steve Jobs

I just finished Tribute page on codepen.
If anyone can take a look at this It would be appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

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Nice work!

It looks good, but perhaps you could prevent the horizontal scroll?
Not sure what causes it, though it might be because you have a div class=“row” inside another div class=“row”.

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You were right! I just placed row in a row. I didn’t noticed that on my 13" laptop. I also added smooth scrolling to particular sections of the site. Thanks.

Your Tribute page is god dam beautiful! The style and color choice fits very much into the way jobs designed his products. Great job. One of the best I’ve seen.

Out of interest do you have a prior design or programming experience?

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I ‘created’ some wordpress sites based on premium themes from themeforest in the past. Little coding needed in that cases. I also finished codeacademy course year or two ago. But I’ve never worked as designer or software developer. I’m here to learn to build websites from the ground up and maybe someday become employable in this field (Full Stack).

Judging by your first project you are on the right track.

You did an awesome job!! Quality stuff!!

It would be cleaner if remove “tribute to” beside image… just make it steve jobs 1955-2011 ( it would cleaner)

I just changed this and it looks a lot cleaner. Thanks for heads up.

someones been having fun with layouts!

I like this one alot, good job :wink:

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I knew I was being lazy with my tribute page but I didn’t realise by how much… Your tribute page is beautiful! It definitely shows that you have some design experience.

If I had to make a suggestion it would be to maybe fix the nav bar to the top of the screen so it doesn’t scroll away. Nice work though, seriously.

Good point with that fixed navbar. @freezerGirl. I wanted to get this done last night, but i was way too tired ( it was after midnight :smiley: )

I know that feeling, when you get carried away and don’t want to stop until it’s finished!