My code isn't working for the Technical Documentation

The first child of each .main-section should be a header element.

Everything looks right. I put the heading within the .main-section. Why isn’t it going through? I want to move on so I can star the other lessons. This is the only incorrect part that I have. Do any one know the problem with my code below:

First Class

  • First DocumentationFirst Class
        <section class="main-section" id="second_class">
          <header>Second Class</header>
          <p></p><p></p><code></code><li></li><nav id="navbar"><a class="nav-link" name="second_class" href="#second_class">Second Class<a/></nav></section>
        <section class="main-section" id="third_class">
          <header>Third Class</header>
          <p></p><p></p><code></code><li></li><nav id="navbar"><a class="nav-link" name="third_class" href="#third_class">Third Class</a></nav></section>
        <section class="main-section" id="fourth_class">
          <header>Fourth Class</header>
          <p></p><p></p><code></code><li></li><nav id="navbar"><a class="nav-link" name="fourth_class" href="#fourth_class">Fourth Class</a></nav></section>
        <section class="main-section" id="fifth_class">
          <header>Fifth Class</header>
          <p></p><p></p><code></code><li></li><nav id="navbar"><a class="nav-link" name="fifth_class" href="#fifth_class">Fifth Class</a></nav></section>
  • Please edit your original post and include the three backticks above your first “First Class” elements. It appears as though that HTML should be within your code block.

    And please also provide a link to this challenge.

    If you use the “Get Help” option in challenges, it will automatically link to the challenge and have some useful information so that we can help you out further.

    I’ve created a new post. It should have the link in it. The same question is presented. Thanks for your help!

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