My Code wont work

Hello there,
I am currently hanging on this code right here and I just can’t get into it. It says my anchor element should have a opening tag but there isn’t even a element in this line? How come? I would be very happy if someone could help me here

Hi, it is asking you to add the anchor tag, not edit an existing one. So you need to create and wrap an <a> tag around the image to turn it into a link.

Also, in future please copy and paste your code into the forum, then highlight it and click the button that looks like this </>. It is much easier to read than an image.

Welcome to the forum and I hope this helps!

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Hi, thank you very much, I’m very new here so I didn’t really know… I’ll do it like that next time. But thank you for your help!

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No problem and that’s totally fine, everyone was new here once. :smiley:

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