My CSS coding is not working

hello, what is wrong with this CSS coding? I am trying to build a blog post for my friend but I cannot pass the test

<h1>Oumou Diaw kane </h1>
<img src="" alt="oumou".>

<p> Oumou is a senegalese woman.</p>
<p> she was born in November 1993.</p>
<she is single, and she had=s a bachelor degree.</p>
<p>she is looking for a decent that will help her to live decently.</p>


I don’t know what tests you are talking about. What do the failing tests say?

This is malformed syntax.

Hi there,
The code you posted is HTML, not CSS.

I am not fulfilling any of the content required. And if I look at the template online it seems I 'm good

ha! ok I will go back

I see, alright. Thanks!