My second project 🤯

please someone help I can’t pass the challenge even after taking a look at fcc css I can’t make it
Someone help me and explain what’s required

What issues are you having? Please ask your question

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Hi @Noha19 !

It looks like all of the tests are passing.
So maybe you resolved the issue.

But in the future, please be more specific on what you need help with.

You can say things like,
“I am stuck on user story 9, and I don’t understand what the error message means. This is what I have tried so far”

That helps people who want to help you troubleshoot the issue. :grinning:

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OK sorry
But when I click the test button it says that I failed and I have so many mistakes
and I don’t understand what’s required

Which tests are failing? Which failure messages do you not understand?

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layout messages
I don’t have image element in my project
I set up the image as background directly in css

Make sure you are running the right test from the drop down menu

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yes it works finally
thank you so much for your time and for your
help :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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