I am stuck on the Technical Description Page and cant figure out where the issue lies

I have been stuck at this page for 2 days now and am unable to figure out where I am going wrong. I got 14/16 tests right.
Can someone Help.

the codepen link is: https://codepen.io/siddharthchaudhary93/pen/vYypBKK

You can click on the red field with Tests 14/16 and it will show a detailed list of all tests and which failed :wink:

I know which tests I failed, I just cant find the reason why I am failing them, for all I can tell all the test cases should pass without an error. I have double checked the code and everything.

Gosh I was wondering about the error message putting the content of the “Reference” section into the message - though ofcourse it does, because you put the entire section inbetween the header tags :wink:

Thanks man that was it. I would have never figured that out.

You’re welcome ^^
Though in this case, the error message was pointing me in the right direction. So always pay attention to those for future debugging - ofcourse you can still ask for help nontheless :wink: