Can anybody tell me what the issue is with my project?

I know that my question is really vague, but I have no idea how to word it other than the way that I have. I have been working with HTML/CSS for years now, and I have recently worked towards my certificate in web-dev, but I have hit a roadblock. I have checked the list of requirements for this project, and I cannot seem to find anything that is missing in my work, but my project still fails one test. Would anybody mind giving my work a check, and letting me know what I am missing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

P.S. The project is the Technical Documentation.

If you click on the button “15/16 Passed” it will show you a more detailed error:

Every .nav-link should have an href value that links it to its corresponding .main-section (e.g. href="#Introduction"). Check that these .main-section ids have corresponding href values : Contents,Media_Reference

You will see that the links to Contents and Media_Reference do not work. If you fix those links, all tests will pass.

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