Confused agained

Please be more specific. I know you have several tests not passing, but pick one and let’s start from there. Turn it into a question and let us know what you have tried and/or what your train of thought has been with it. You will get more help that way rather than dumping your Codepen into the forum lap.

man i only have two test not passing The navbar should contain at least one link that I can click on to navigate to different sections of the page.

where did i go wrong

You should title your Codepen so people know which project you’re working on. I’m looking at your navbar now. One min…

You need to create some other section on the page that uses the id #web-developer.

i have some thing like that

but some thing is wrong with the code

all your help me nah give me and example nah oh gosh

For the navbar positioning, change the selector from header to #navbar because that’s what needs to be fixed, not the header.

<header id="header">
  <nav id="navbar">
  <a class="nav-link" href="#web-developer">Web Developer</a>
  <a class="nav-link" href="welcome-section">Welcome</a>

<section id="welcome-section">
  <h1>am near</h1>

<div id="projects">
<div class="project-tile">
        <h2 id="web-developer">Web Developer</h2>
        <a id="profile-link" href="#" target="_blank"></a>

What I posted works. Try and be mindful of how your html is organized. You had section tags inside of header tags and div tags inside of nav tags. Those things don’t go together. You really don’t even need the header tag.

or now i understand tricky

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