PROJECT will NOT Pass Test?

Hi Everyone,

I had to do this project over again using the link with the TEST INCLUDED
in order to try to eventually obtain certification. Well I thought it
would be relatively easy. But the page will NOT PASS?

Since I basically just replaced code already in the page. I think this is VERY ODD.
I have checked the test and corrected errors, only to keep getting more / multiple errors.
Feels like a VIRUS in the page.

Any ideas why this might happen? I made a few changes that got
wiped out. But the page is just about the same.

Thank you for any feedback on this one.

Is it safe to say, your not looking at what’s failing on the tests?

Oh no, I have been looking at those. But like I said . . I have basically been replacing what code is already there, so I don’t understand so many errors.

And every time I correct one or two, 10 more errors pop up. The page looks fine, works
fine. I test it. 4 errors. I correct, more errors.

My previous page, without using anyone else’s code, was much easier
to complete.

Feels like there is a VIRUS in this page.

If you click on the red button you can see what the errors are about. For example, you are not passing this one:

  1. My tribute page should have an element with corresponding id=“main”, which contains all other elements.

I don’t see an element with id of “main” in your page

Okay, sorry for this in advance, but
Okay, now that I got that out of the way, please try building your pen from scratch, like I did with this pen. Type the script src into your web browser and read through the whole thing, prove it’s a virus.
I’ll answer your question later…

1-1 Your survey page looks great, thank you for sharing it.

And, in fact, I did create a Tribute page from scratch. However the checkbox on the CURRICULUM was not checked off in GREEN, so I felt I needed to use the tribute page with the link to complete the assignment. SEE LINK: Scratch Tribute Page

For you & everyone else RE: My VIRUS claims. I still DO feel there is something wrong with the “Tribute Link / Fork” in Codepen because all of the ERRORS talk about fixing the ORIGINAL TRIBUTE link to MR BAUDEAU’S TRIBUTE, not my page and what I put in it for code. I will report it to Codepen.

Thank you all.

There is not a virus.

Click on the red button and read through. You are missing key user stories.

You are missing nearly all the ID tags you are asked to use.

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It is not a virus. If you click on the red buttons you can see in red the user stories you are not respecting. For example you don’t have an item with id main like I wrote in my previous message.

Ok fine, it is not a virus.

What I am saying is that I opened the FORK link and opened my scratch tribute page that I had previously created that had no problems and no errors, and I just put my info into the FCC Tribute page code. So should all of those error element items already be there?

If not, then how do I get credit for the tribute page I created from scratch? It was much more of a pleasure to create.

You are missing a bunch of the requirements, I’m pretty sure that didn’t happen on its own or from copy pasting. Are you sure you tested your project using the FCC test before pasting the code into the fork? The test is not testing for code errors, it is testing for the requirements that you need to fulfill.


My tribute page should have an element with corresponding id=“main”, which contains all other elements.

So you need an element (whatever you like) with an id attribute set to “main”

<main id="main">
...all other elements

The items missing are not in your code.

Click on the red button. Go through each section and add the missing Ids to your code.

just a few minutes and you are passing more test
its not a virus you are just not following clearly written instructions
follow the instructions given and you will get this

Am I the only one deeply offended by this. To accuse FCC of disseminating a virus because the test results are accurately reflecting a lack of the given requirements shows a great deal of how this person approaches learning. I have seen many people make this same error, this is the first time I have seen someone blame anybody but themselves.

Let’s keep the topic focused on the actual issue here (the code does not meet the test requirements). Everyone struggles with coding at some point along the way. It is just par for the course. Sometimes it is frustrating and that is all this is. It will pass as the OP works through more challenges/projects.

The OP has received a lot of feedback regarding the issues which need to be resolved. Let’s step back for a bit and let the OP try and fix those problems.

@unique-monique: If you get stuck, make sure your Codepen reflects your latest attempt before replying back with further questions.

Thank you.

I am sorry. If all of you hate me this much for messing up on the FIRST PROJECT, I will say goodbye to trying to get into tech. You’ve already HACKED MY Pixabay account. My life has been screwed for over a DECADE. Thanks for helping SATAN out.

So you ALL WANT ME GONE? Y or N?

Could a moderator please nuke or at least lock this garbage fire of a thread?

Please calm down
It is just a misunderstanding, it is normal to not understand new things at first
You can totally keep trying, not let yourself be discouraged by a first attempt that has gone wrong, you can fix things and make your page better so that it passes the tests!
Do you have trouble understanding how to give an id to an element? If you don’t know how to do something please say so, we can’t help if you don’t say what’s the problem

We do not want you gone. Or for you to give up. But perhaps you need to quit blaming others (including SATAN) for your mistakes. I’m not sure why you think anyone here has hacked your account. It is not like we are a secret collective with a master plan. We were trying to help you and point out the errors you where making and how the test suite gives you clear directions as to what you must do in order to pass the test. Give it time and you will see that this is a great community, with very helpful people but you have to be able to accept that when things are not working as you expected is probably due to an error on your part. The reason your image is not working is that your code is incorrect.

you have

<div id="img-div"> 
<img class="thumbnail text-center nature-img"><div id=imgsrc"" alt="nature-img."></div>

that is not how an image element is coded
typically it is frowned upon to just give out the answers but I will do so here

<div id="img-div"> 
  <img id= "image" src="" alt=" a flower">
  <div id="img-caption">
Is the TRUE WAR on HUNGER called MASS PRODUCTION of Agriculture that requires CHEMICAL fertilizers, food PROCESSORS we can't pronounce, & GENETIC modification by food producers of the WORLD in order to save money?</div>

That code will give you this

Is the TRUE WAR on HUNGER called MASS PRODUCTION of Agriculture that requires CHEMICAL fertilizers, food PROCESSORS we can't pronounce, & GENETIC modification by food producers of the WORLD in order to save money?
Which also happens to finish out your project with all test passing
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