My delete eventhandler doesn't work

Hello everyone, I have been trying to make my delete event handler to work but it has been giving me headache. Can some one point out what I’m doing wrong please ? here is the code :

function deleteNote(event, noteId) {
        setNotes(prevNotes => {
        const delArray = []
            for(let i = 0; i < prevNotes.length; i++){
                let note = prevNotes[i]
                if( === noteId){
                    delArray.splice(note[i], 1)
            }else {
            return delArray

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Hi @fixzycode

If deleteNote is an event handler, the first parameter is the event object. What is the second parameter, noteId ?

Thanks man, I’m new on this forum

The second parameter is the id for the event that will be deleted, but any suggestion will be appreciated

As far as I know, the event handler takes 1 parameter the event object. Try console.log(noteId) in the event handler, most likely it is undefined. Read about it here.

It would be nice with some more context. Like how the handler is used and what it is specifically that isn’t working.

Is this just a plain JS project, or is a framework being used?

As an aside, you can pass more arguments to the handler. But it matters how it is done.

const btn = document.querySelector("button");

// Explicit event object passed (parameter order should match the arguments)
btn.addEventListener("click", (e) => handler(e, "arg1", "arg2"));
// Implicit, arg has to be named "event" (parameter order should match the arguments)
// btn.addEventListener("click", () => handler(event, "arg1", "arg2"));

function handler(event, ...args) {
  console.log(; // <button>Click</button>
  args.forEach((arg) => {
    console.log(arg); // arg1, arg2

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