My div class doesn't work in the CSS-file

I have the problem that i my div class will not apear in the CSS file when I type it. The CSS -file is both connected to my homepage.html and shoppage.html files. In the CSS file I can only use classes that I used in the homepage.html file and not new div classes i used in the shop.html file. Is there something wrong with the connection between my files or with my div classes?

Thanks for helping!

Can you share a picture of your html files? specifically the shop.html file?

The thing is that everything from my homepage.html works in the css file but new div classes I used in the shop.html don’t pop up in the css file as a class. But from the shop.html file i can use classes in CSS that I also used in the homepage.html file

am i doing something wrong?

You also can find my code on codepen with my username milan_gerits or i can share it here:

hope the link works…