CSS can't find div classes

I started to program a website with two pages and an extra css-file. The problem that I have is that my css file only can find div classes from my first page. I think there is no mistake in the conncetion between the seconde html page and the css-file because div classes i also used in the first class and later used in the second class are styled when I preview my both html files. If there is isn’t a fault in the connection between the files, what is the mistake that causes the problem that the css file can’t find div classes only used in the second html-file? Please let me know :slight_smile:

Can you provide your code via codepen for example rather than image?

I have made a codepen my username is milan_gerits. Or can i share my codepen here?

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You haven’t shared the HTML file for the contact page

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yeah but you can also see it in the shop.html file i shared. When you look at the div class “shop-container” on codepen it isnt underlined but as you seen in the pictures here above when I paste that codes in my visualstudiocode editor it underlines the class “shop-container” in the css file because the css file cant find the class.