My experience as a computer science major

Nearly a year back I was asking the community about how computer science is in univeristy.

Now after being in the university for about 2 semester, I can finally talk about some of the things I learn about this major

  1. This major is math heavy, do not go into here thinking you’ll only write code. You’ll soon find out that math is an essential part of the degree, with calculus, differential equations, and discrete math being essential components of the degree

  2. Do not go in expecting to get good grades. Be humble and prepare to be humbled. I went in thinking I’d do well to barely surviving the major. Do your best and keep learning

  3. Get a study group. Ask your friends and seniors for help, do not think you have to do it yourself. Your teaching assistant and teachers are there to help you, use them as resources

  4. Do not expect it to be easy. You can learn and spend hours on a question and still be stuck or get bad grade. That’s normal, keep fighting

  5. Programming langauge used in my intro course is C for the first one, C++ for the second one, and also some other courses with python and JavaScript.

I hope this helps clear some doubts out for people considering a CS major!


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