My FCC-Techdoc project

Here is my fcc-techdoc project

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nice work :grinning:

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Great work. Page is responsive but in landscape mode the navigation bar goes out of the viewport and since it is fixed, there is no way to see the full navigation menu. Not only the nav menu, but the whole layout is not good in landscape mode. Fix this. Other than that I like it. Keep up the good work.

Not sure exactly what you mean by “navigation bar goes out of the viewport”. I am intentionally not displaying it but made available a hamburger menu on top right to allow the user to toggle it.

Open your webpage in mobile and switch to landscape mode. You will understand the problem. Here, look at this screenshot taken in my mobile:

I’ve seen that butt think its because of codepen. try switching to debug mode and it should not have the same look.

Or better try it here on a production server environment.

You are right. It is looking good now. Sorry for the false alarm.

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No problem. Thank you for your time to review it.