My first and second challenge

Hello everyone!)

I’ve just completed my tribute page and portfolio) In my portfolio some design is not my own, but I coded them for myself. Don`t be angry for this.

  1. Tribute page
  2. My Portfolio

If you will see some bugs,errors or you will have advice for me, let me know)

I`m waiting for your opinions and feedbacks)
Thank you)

I don’t have a lot of time, so I only looked at the tribute page so far. Really nice job with it. When you’ve got text over images, it can be a little ticky, because sometimes the text can get obscurred if it is over a similar color. You might want to check that on your site. Some of the white letters are difficult to make out because of the background color. Other than that, looks good.

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It’s nice to hear such comment.
I have some experience in this, but my work has not been evaluated yet by anyone.
Thank you for reviewing my work and its evaluation.
I will take note of your comment and correct the error)