Tribute page, first attempt

Hi All :slight_smile:

If any of you have a minute please take a look, I have just done my first tribute page:

As its my first attempt Im more than happy to take any negative or positive feedback and also I would highly appreciate that.
Many thanks.

That was cool , can you give me a hint of how you did it ? Am having problems trying to create mine .

Im just a beginner started with free course on freecodecamp, but yeah sure, if I can help I will do why not :slight_smile:
Maybe my explanation will be not the most professional ever but I will try. :slight_smile: Could you be a little more specific where you stacked with yours?

Great page @bboros!
I may also be a bit biased because of the context, but I really like the overall look of your page.
Its a pretty simple challenge so I don’t have too many suggestions for improvement.

  • maybe you could add some more images to the page (one could be at the bottom next to the quote)
  • some simple animations or text effects to make the page a bit more complex
  • the text bellow the big picture is not very visible (I missed it on my first read)

I really like the colors you’ve picked. It gives a vintage vibe to the page.

Keep on coding :wink:

Hi @Wallachian!

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll take your suggestion and will do some more changes as I will gain my knowledge. As you said its a simple challenge but it makes me feel good to see inmediate result and progress of coding (even if its just a small one) specially I just started 2 weeks ago :slight_smile:
Thank you for your time.

Cool. I have started about 6 weeks ago, and I know how it feels when you finish your first project.
BTW, I seriously think your first project looks way better than mine. Looking at it right now makes me want to change a lot of stuff, but I will keep it as so in order to have a reference of where I started. This being said, I think you made a very good job for your first project (again I may be a bit biased by the Einstein subject :stuck_out_tongue:).
I’m looking forward on reviewing your next project. Send me a direct message if I don’t get to check out your post.

Keep on coding :wink: