My first full stack stack application - voting app

This is my first time posting, though I’ve been working through FCC for a few months now…

I’ve finally completed the first of the Dynamic Web Applications project and would love feedback on my app:

I used clementinejs as a project framework, express, mongodb and materialize for a css framework.

This took me a long time to get the bits to fit together. Let me know what you think!

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Awesome, it looks like it works fine!

One thing I would say is maybe add css styling on the footer to make it sticky

I’m on mobile at the moment, but can you clarify what clementine.js is?

Nice work, only some advice:

  • I can vote easly multiple times
  • When I try to make a poll there is no validating for options or title

Thanks Neotriz. A sticky footer is a great idea - I’ve just update it now!

Clementinejs helps with the javascript boilerplate stuff. The folks at FCC suggested using it for the Dynamic Web Apps section. I found it a little bit cumbersome as I had to unpick everything they included before I got started. For the next project I think I’ll try without and see how I do :slight_smile:

Hi NeckersBOX,
Thanks for taking a look at my app. I’ve made it so there’s now validation for options/title when creating a new app…looking into preventing someone voting multiple times…this might take a while :slight_smile:

I feel like a little devil but… If I write only space and no real chars the poll results valid :sweat_smile: you should trim the text before validating.

Nice work!
I am just starting om freeCodeCamp and really looking forward to getting to this task.
Love the pie graphs to display the results