My first portfolio - comments and feedback welcome

I have finally finished my portfolio for the portfolio challenge.
Any comments and feedback are welcomed :slight_smile:
Project Link:
Thanks a lot!

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Wow! really loved it. looks very clean and beautiful!

You are talented. keep going!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Looks very very nice! I’ve just started to learn code (I’ve been around FCC for about 10-12 days now), and I find really hard sometimes to write proper layout! It’s a bit complicated to understand the rows, the grids and the responsive behavior! Your page looks amazing! :slight_smile:

@lnfrelot I really liked the overall layout. The colors you choose fit really well together. I’m finishing my project today and I hope I can do as great of a job as you did. My only suggestion (remember, I’m just a fellow camper who didn’t even finished this project yet, so maybe not a great advice) would be to use to columns (col-sm-6) on small devices on the portfolio grid, and keep one column just to extra small devices. But if it was a deliberate choice, I respect the layout choice. Anyway, keep up the good work.

Thanks a lot for the feedback and the suggestion on the columns. Making the page readable on small devices is not what I do best so it’s great to have advice on this subject :slight_smile:

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@Togeri @RevitalDoukhan Thanks for your positive replies! It helps to move forward and to keep on learning :grinning: