Feedback please on portfolio

Hello, I’d appreciate a little feedback on my portfolio page, please. Pretty simplistic but I’m anxious to move on to javascript! Thanks!

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It looks like there’s some extra color on the left side of the screen that matches the nav bar. It’s causing your page to have a horizontal scroll bar, which is unneeded.

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As mentioned RadDevDad about the horizontal scrolling.
Also try to add a picture for the developer and some css effect to your porfolio.

you know this is your last project try to put every thing your learnt on it

Good luck

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It’s a great idea to keep the design simple and fine! I’d suggest putting your projects in 2 columns and 2 rows, so there is a little bit more space to make pictures bigger. Now I can’t really see what is displayed inside these little boxes.

k thanks so much! i will try that

appreciate your response and try to fix that.

@vflanagan I would say that since there is so much space make the text and portfolio images a lot bigger to take up some of the space. The small font look fine in mobile view.

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You should change the background color. It looks very dull

tell me more about the project tiles. how did you get the pic? I used iframe and it looks funny… Lol