Here is my portfolio. I'd love some feedback

Hey everyone,

I just finished my portfolio project. I’m curious about what you think I could still improve.

I’d love some feedback on the looks/functionality, but also about the code. I’ve been struggling a lot to get the 3 background images positioned right, and I’m curious if there would have been an easier way to do it. Would be cool if anyone knows that.

Anyway, here it is:


Hi there, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: I really like your design, the page looks very clean and intuitive, no clutter, which is always a good thing! Honestly, when I read ‘3 background images’ I prepared myself for some over-the-top I-wanna-show-off-my-skill-by-totally-ruining-the-page kind of experience, but clearly that wasn’t it at all :smile: A couple of tiny things: I thought there was too much white space between Projects and Contact sections in the desktop/tablet view. Another suggestion is to maybe remove the blue outline from the input fields (this is totally my personal preference, so it’s not a big deal) and make your cursor turn to pointer when hovering over the Send button. Other than that, really great job, keep going! :blush:

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First , You have wonderful set of projects which is good. But you could have selected a good background image and You missed a label for additional comments. Those are just Few mistakes but it looks great.:metal:

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Thanks Kristina, I will look into the suggestions you did. Hadn’t thought about them, and they’ll good improvements (and good exercises for me)

By the way, happy I didn’t fulfill your expectations of over-the top-background images ;-))

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Thanks Kavi!

I’m quite happy with my calm background as it is. But I will look into the label for the additional comments/message field. Thanks for the tip!

It is a clean looking page.

  1. I would make the project elements bigger and stack them in a three column layout by default. You can just give the container some max-width and auto margin.

  2. I think you have a tad too much white space (It is rare to see and I’d take too much over too little 99% of the time).

  3. Pure white backgrounds can be a little harsh, especially when there is so much of it. I’d try lowering the white by just a tad. You can also try adding a tiny bit of color. I’m talking “invisible” amounts here, just enough for the eyes to get less fatigued.

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Hey Valine,

great work, I like it.

Some ideas:

  • you use a lot of whitespace, but the intro text is hard to read, because it is very small and very long
  • Projects: the URLs are the default ones, which are a little bit weird
  • Contact Me: I think the message input has a different font than the other inputs
  • Contact Me: I can send the form without content

Keep up the good work :+1:

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On mobile, the height between section overlaps.

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