My First Project: Tribute page. Please share Feedback

Hello, Campers!

It’s my very first HTML project. When I started it, I totally felt lost. And I had no vision How I can accomplish this project. Then I took a deep breath. “Let’s do it. Whether it might go wrong. No problem. Let’s try”. I murmured this line.

I’m new to codepen too. I didn’t know how to write a code in it, how to use it. Then I started using the link that shared in the project itself. Learned a few things about it. I was also didn’t know about “fork” means in CS, and how it works. Then I started googling and learned a few things from it. Finally, I completed my FIRST project that too without errors. Now I’m Happy. Happy to learn more. And more confident to start my second Project.

Here, I’m sharing a link to my first HTML project: Tribute Page.

Please have a look at it and give your valuable feedback.

Thank you,

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Your link doesn’t work for me.

Sorry. Link updated. Please check now.