My first project-Tribute page

hey this is my first thingy i also wanted to mess with animations because why not tell me what you think


That’s great for a first project! Love the animation and use of parallax.

(I’m also a big fan of Tony Hawk - that Bones Brigade documentary is amazing! :smile:)

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thanks man it took me a while to understand it

  • My main critique is that the actual content of the page is crammed down at the bottom.
  • As said before, nice animation.
  • Parallax effect works on chrome but not on firefox (Win10).
  • Didn’t try it on mobile, but using Chrome and Firefox Developer Tools to set it to a mobile viewport, there’s this weird resistance to scrolling down the page past the parallax. Almost made me think the actual content didn’t load.
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thank you i think i gave the website a main scroll then a seperate one to go down and see the parallex

I’m happy you figured out parallax. (I haven’t yet) A better way to apply it may be to have the pic of tony hawk and the main text in the same plane with the same scroll effect to improve UX. I would make sure that the main text div has a white, partially-opaque background so it’s not visually confusing against the x-games background.

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