PARALLAX Scrolling EFFECT on my PORTFOLIO project

Hello All Campers
After finishing the First Tribute project : , I thought of experimenting with the parallax effect like feature in my second portfolio project.
link :
I would love to get feedbacks on this project , and improvement advices are always welcome.
Thank you.

it would look better imo if the effect was on the first picture aswell

also too much white space which is not symmetrical feels like it’s an edited template

the camera and the controllers in the pictures are irrelevant to the portfolio

if it’s an edited template then better do something from scratch all by yourself, once you reach the point when you can do these stuff yourself go ahead.

Thanks @KrimFandango for your suggestions.
Actually It’s not an edited template,I myself built it from scratch.
I agree that the pictures are not that relevant to the portfolio.
And I tried the parallax scrolling feature for the first picture as well,But could not do it . It would be helpful if someone tells me how to do that.