My first Project - Tribute to Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

I really enjoyed a lot doing this project, all those 4-5 hours spent searching for color schemes and fonts; fixing a lot of alignments. It was fun.
I’m super excited to start my next project. Here is the code pen link for my project.

Hi @raghava-as!

The link you shared with us is a link to your debug session. Please share a link to your actual pen.


This is the link to @raghava-as’s code.

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oops… sorry didn’t know the debug link expires within some time. yeah, updated my post with the full-view codepen link.

thanks for sharing @codely. No worries now, I edited my post and shared the full-view codepen.

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I think your page looks good.

You still need to pass one test. Open up the test suite to find and fix the issue.
Also keep the test suite on the page for submission of the project.

<script src=""></script>

Also, for codepen you do not need to include doctype, head and html tags. That is taken care of for you by codepen. If you need to include links for the head section you can place that in the head section in the html settings.

thank you so much @jwilkins.oboe. I almost forgot the last condition. Thanks, again. Yes, now I’ve made the required changes.

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You still need to keep the test suite on the page for submission

Ohh noo, darn it! I’m such a messy person. I updated it again, and hope I didn’t mess up this time. sigh!
That was so much trouble for you, tqsm @jwilkins.oboe.

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