My first Tribute page - Kobe Bryant


This is my first tribute page.
I tried to apply what i learned on FreeCodeCamp and the result is below.
Being my first web page i think it is great :slight_smile: but i would appreciate some insights about the code and the actual design.

Thank you.

link --> My first tribute page

Hey there,
WOW! Nice job on your page.
1st, one Great! Tribute… Pause

I think you did a great job. It is well laid out and, to me, seems visually appealing.
The contrast between everything is very nice as well. Nothing visually impairs anything else, that I can tell.
The page is not too busy and easy to navigate.
All I can see is one small little editing error where you left out a single ’ " ', double quote.
Nice job! Thumbs up.

Thank you for you feedback , i am very happy that you liked it. I will try to find the error and fix it. :smiley:
—Found the error —

It looks really good! Nice job on a clean layout.

One cool effect I’ve been playing around with is to make color images black and white with the CSS filter. Then when you hover over the image you take the filter off.

image {
    filter: grayscale(100%);
    transition: 1s filter;

image:hover  {

WoW that is a cool effect. Thank you :smiley: