My first Tribute Page: Mitsuyo Maeda


I just finished my tribute page.
My goal was just too duplicate the project page, without cheating (looking at the source code).
this is totally not creative, i know, but i’m not focussing on that right now.
I did use google and some bootstrap documentation.

When i was done, i have checked the source code and found some flaws in mine :slight_smile:
I took note of the classes/div blocks used by Quincy Larson and will use this as a reference for the next project.

Do you guys focus directly on being a bit more creative too?
I guess that’s important too, but that’s not who i really am, i’d rather focus more on the coding part.

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Nice work, well done. Don’t worry about getting too creative now. With all projects, you can return to them when your skill improves.