My first web project ever: Tribute Page

Any feedback will be appreciated.
I choose someone really meaningfull to me, his method changed my body-mind-life totally. You can check it here.
I am amazed i could finish, it took me one whole day!

It looks pretty good. In terms of design, the colors are a little too bold for my tastes, but I’m a bit of a prude and it’s not that bad.

The code looks pretty good. I think you have too many comments in your css - they tell you to comment everything when you’re learning but in reality coders comment a lot less than people think.

I would suggest being a little more disciplined in your indenting in your html - it’s good to develop these habits early and the bigger the program gets, the more exponentially important it gets.


Hey Valentina,

great work so far!

My ideas:

  • white on yellow is hard for me to read; there are contrast checkers to give you some hints:
  • codepen has a formatting tool for your code; you can click on the small arrow on the CSS window and Format CSS; this will increase the readability of your code!
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Thanks kevin.
Do you know of any resources where i can read about good indenting practices ?

Thanks miku, I didn´t know about those tools, I’m going to explore them!

Miku mentions the formatter in codepen - that will at least format it in a way that makes sense. After you start developing in an IDE, there will be litter packages and suck that will help to guide you. There are online html validators like this one. For example this found a couple mistakes:

  1. The src on line 5 should be in quotes:
  2. On line 25, for the cite you used a : instead of an =.

The main thing with formatting is to keep things clean and show the hierarchy of information.

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