My FreeCodeCamp Calculator

Hi fellows, I have just completed My Calculator and I need constructive reviews <3 I am weak with CSS so improvement tips will be very useful. Also, give my JS code a look to see the way I thought about it :slight_smile:
Waiting for You …
here we are :

Looks good. Cooled be styled better but its not bad. :slight_smile:

The javascript could use a bit of optimizing. Wont tell you exactly how but ill point you in the right direction.

<button class=" btn btn-md" id="1" onclick="inputNumber(this)"> 1 </button>

Basically you can call a function with onclick="functionName()".
Ill let you figure out the rest with a bit of google. :wink:

Keep it up! :+1:

EDIT: Just remembered. Your calculator breaks once screen reaches a certain point. Easy fix is to set a minimum width.

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I think that user should’t be allowed to enter multiple dots or operations in a row

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You mean to create a function takes the clicked button and creates the same actions as all repeated functions … am I right ?!
I tried to make it responsive but I think I missed up … I 'll try to improve this section

Thank you for your review.It’s very useful :slight_smile: <3

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I agree with you about dots and I had fixed this. But Operators I think he can but gives a result that is infinity or some reasonable respond but not an answer as it’s not logical