My Music Survey - any feedback welcome

Now…my survey is done.
Any feedback welcome - any advice - something to change - let me know.

Survey Form

It looks like things are a bit off center, especially the button and textbox at the bottom

The submit button and the comment box seem too far to the right. Maybe try setting the height you want and ‘margin: 0 auto;’ to .form-cntr and #submit in your CSS?

Other than that I think it looks great, good job!

Maybe it would look better if the input tags were the width of the container. Have you tried setting the width attribute to 100%?

Hi @EmilNici, your form looks good. Just a couple of things.

  • Run the validator. In HTML you have an id that you’re using more than once.
  • make it so the cursor changes to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • a suggestion. In your dropdown, add another entry that will be blank by default. This way there’s not a selection already filled in. Since that’s not a required field, if the user chooses not to answer that question you’d be gathering false info.

Hi there. So I was just checking my survey form and make it again. Chceckin step-by-step all things.

So…Check the validator and “fix” all warnings that I have.
Cursor is now change to pointer when hovering.
And dropdown list have another option “blank” or just saying “choose one”.

Few things fixed - form is in the middle - on computer, tablet and phone.

Hopefully now is ok and I can start doin project Product placement.

Thx everyone for advice - and if you see anything to fix it - let me know.

Ow - and that a old-new survey form :slight_smile:

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The form looks clean and to the point. I really like the use of colors and your CSS rules for the survey. Good job!

P.S things like the font family, or removing enter your comments when user click the text area could be added for the next versions, but it seems neat as it is now :slight_smile: