My Nightlife App

Hello everyone,

My Nightlife App


Front end

  • React, for components
  • React router, for routing
  • Apollo React, for fetching data using GraphQL

Back end

  • Express
  • Apollo express


  • Sqlite3
  • Better-sqlite

Build tool

  • Webpack
  • PostCSS

Feedback are welcome :pray:t2:

What I learned:

  • Yelp API shouldn’t be called from client side as both the client_id and api_key are needed to make a request. The api_key is obviously should not be exposed in client
  • Yelp has a rate limiting step, need to anticipate this in the UI
  • This project is simpler compared to the Voting App project. In the Nightlife App, there is no graph, only authenticated users can click on the “going” button. Whereas in the Voting App, a graph is needed to display votes, both non-authenticated and authenticated can vote
  • Can reuse many boilerplates from the Voting App

This project took me 11 hours over the course of 10 days
An improvement from the Voting App which took me 50 hours, but many of the components from the Nightlife App is borrowed directly from the Voting App

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Just a minor issue:

Seems to happen when the name is long ( I noticed it in a couple of other thumbnails )…maybe something linked to the address 3 stuff? can’t say :confused:

Just blinking to the code it seems you’re familiar with GraphQL, as far as I can see it’s not just a basic use of it^^

Lastly, 11 hours? Congratulation indeed! I’m preparing to afford those last five projects but 11 hours is definitely a greater result than I could expect^^

Gj :clap:

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Thanks @Layer
Funny enough, I was reading about word break just a moment ago. I should give it a overflow-wrap style!
I found GraphQL a bit hard at first. But it becomes quite fun to work with the more you are familiar with it, particularly with the wonderful Apollo Client package. Since GraphQL is hailed to be “future”, so I may as well get familiar with it now.
This one is much easier compared to the Voting App challenge. I could reuse many components and codes, thus only 11 hours were needed.
Once again, thanks for the feedback. I will be very happy to see yours once you complete!

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