My Personal Portfolio Feedback

Could I Feedback on my portfolio? And also, I have lots of questions below.

Help with navbar code:
My navbar doesn’t work in mobile

Help with the images:
I’m using bootstrap thumbnails but I want them images to be more squared-like similar to Instagram
right now they are all different sizes.

I’m sorry if this is to much but I hope someone can help me resolves these problems.
Thank you!


Just a few suggestions -
. try removing the navbar-top-fixed class
. use css styling on the navbar list items (eg list-style)
. to format body text use width and height css properties - also letter spacing
. tables seem a fudge to me - try bootstrap thumbnails.
. to send messages to email use php or other serve side language (eg asp.NET

Hope this helps a bit

Thank you. I fixed part of the problem, but my navbar still doesn’t work in mobile

No worries - looks good

Sorry if this was already addressed, but it looks like the brand only pops up when the navbar has collapsed. I think if you move the Moon Rabbit to before the button code it will flow better? Looks great though!

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Thank you, It worked! I’ll be changing that later for a little logo.