My Personal Portfolio Project using Bootstrap

This has been interesting using Bootstrap! This and the tribute project were my first time using it. I like how it was easy to get the grid up and going, and I felt like I got all the basic elements we needed in there. It’s a good start for now, but I expect to be updating it as I progress along, as of now it is a bunch of placeholder images! Any advice/tips/ would be appreciated.

Thanks all!

*UPDATE to post - I put this project up on github pages so the image can be seen + I learned how to do something new!

Hi Nicole, nice job! I like the color palette and simplicity of your page. Your image at the top didn’t load, and I believe it’s because codepen doesn’t accept images from imgur (at least that’s what I read). I had the same problem and solved it by hosting my images on my github page and linking from there.

Thanks! I was wondering why the image kept getting broken! I don’t have my own server right now to host my images so I will definitely look into having them hosted on github.

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