My personal study guide

I’ve been working on consolidating some information that I have found useful to web development. I’m sure there are some other guides like this out there, but I needed something more personal and to write out the answers in (more-or-less) my own words. A lot of these topics have come up in job interviews, so if you’re interested in studying up for the odd pop-quiz that you’re likely to encounter in your job hunt, feel free to take a gander here. It’s very informal and not optimally structured, but it does have a lot of information to work with.

Note that I am not looking for any input regarding the clarity or correctness of the answers. I am open to new topics for the document if it’s something you’ve encountered in an interview somewhere. If you really want a topic to be included, you should just fork it, or better yet, start your own study guide from scratch.

I’ll be adding more to this over the next few weeks as I prepare for an interview.